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This connected LED horticultural lighting is perfect for lighting your plants in a simple, powerful and modular way. Thanks to its connectivity, you can remotely control the intensity of the lighting and adjust the lighting according to the needs of your plants.

Placed on a rail (sold separately), this SPOT requires only one electrical connection to operate. With a power of 45W and the ability to rotate 360° , you can optimally illuminate your plants.
You can also install up to 20 lights on a single track for even more optimal lighting.

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Optimize the lighting of your plants with the SPOT 45W connected on track

Get optimal lighting for the healthy and vigorous growth of your plants thanks to the SPOT 45W connected on track.
With near-daylight and exceptional color rendering, your plants will appear more vibrant and colorful. This 360° rotatable spotlight provides even light distribution to suit your lighting needs.

Create custom lighting with multiple 45W SPOTs

The SPOT 45W can be installed on a rail sold separately, which allows you to control several spots with a single electrical connection.
Personalize the lighting of your plants by installing several SPOT 45W on the same rail.

Control your lighting from your smartphone with SPOT 45W connectivity

The SPOT 45W has connectivity so you can control your plant lighting from your smartphone or tablet. Adjust light intensities and light schedules to simulate your plants' natural biorhythms and ensure optimal growth.

Biorhythm simulation for optimal growth

The biorhythm of plants is a crucial element for their growth and development. Natural light and darkness control the various biological functions of plants, such as photosynthesis, growth and flowering. With GreenVisuaLED you can easily reproduce the natural biorhythm of your plants by programming the lighting hours and light intensities according to your needs.

You can also simulate a sunrise and sunset to replicate natural conditions for your plants.

Invest with confidence with a 3-year warranty

The track-connected SPOT 45W is built to last and is backed by a 3-year warranty. Invest with confidence for optimal lighting for your plants.
Discover the advantages of the SPOT 45W connected on track now.

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