SpectraBULB X20 - White horticultural bulb for green plants

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The GreenVisuaLED X20 LED bulb is the new compact solution for illuminating a plant(s) with white horticultural light .
It is equipped with a multitude of LEDs to evenly illuminate your plants, frames and plant walls . She is completely silent !

Horticultural light very close to daylight.

Horticultural bulb

The SpectraBULB X20 LED horticultural bulb from GreenVisuaLED is not just a lighting solution; it's a revolution in the world of indoor horticulture. By simulating natural daylight, it creates a perfectly balanced environment for plant growth and flowering, transforming every corner of your home into a green oasis.

Horticultural LED bulb SpectraBULB X20

A unique horticultural spectrum

The EVG+ spectrum is a remarkable innovation in the field of horticultural lighting, designed by our company in 2010 with a dual objective: to provide optimal lighting for plant growth while significantly improving color rendering.

The uniqueness of the EVG+ spectrum lies in its ability to accompany plants at every stage of their life, from growth to flowering. Imagine blooming orchids, their vibrant and natural colors highlighted under this spectrum, creating a living tableau in your space. This result is made possible through our rigorous selection of white shades and the best LED component manufacturers, aiming to achieve a level of color rendering comparable to that used in art lighting.

The EVG+ spectrum is not just a choice for the health of your plants; it is an aesthetic decision, transforming your living space into a gallery of natural beauty.

The strengths of this light bulb

Energy Efficiency

It only consumes 20 Watts, making it cost-effective for your indoor garden.

Silent Operation

Perfect for living spaces, as it produces no noise.

Versatile Use

Ideal for medium-sized plants (up to ~60cm in height) such as cacti, orchids, green plants, carnivorous plants, etc.

Dual Functionality

Can also be used as lighting for a living space, creating a beautiful green corner.

Easy Installation

Standard E27 socket for a hassle-free setup.

Large cover

Offers a lighting area of approximately 50cm x 50cm for intensive use and up to 100cm x 100cm for wintering plants.

User manual

  1. Ideal Positioning: Place the bulb 40cm to 100cm above your plants for optimal growth.
  2. Recommended Lighting Duration: Light your plants for 12 to 18 hours per day. Adjust according to the outdoor photoperiod for plant transition.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Using the bulb for 12 hours per day will cost only about €1.02/month.



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Horticultural LED bulb X20