SpectraLINE IP65 90cm 24W V2 - Waterproof - White horticultural lighting for bonsai, cacti, and green plants.

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Complete spectrum

Promotes photosynthesis, simulating the natural sunlight.

Energy Efficiency

Control your consumption with this efficient lighting.

100% waterproof

Use IP65 certified lighting to take no risks.


Lifespan of the lighting is 50,000 hours (approximately 7 to 10 years).

Easy to install

Start your culture as soon as you receive your lighting.

💡 Design and Performance

The SpectraLINE V2, in its compact 90cm version, shines with a design focused on performance and efficiency. Equipped with FULL SPECTRUM LEDs, it provides optimal lighting for your plants, encouraging healthy and dynamic growth.

🌍 Ecological Commitment

GreenVisuaLED goes beyond simply providing quality lighting; the company is committed to building a sustainable future. The SpectraLINE V2 exemplifies this commitment, offering a powerful lighting solution while remaining environmentally responsible.

Consumption of

Why choose this SpectraLINE V2 horticultural bar?

🌿 The SpectraLINE V2 90cm: Horticultural Innovation by GreenVisuaLED

✅ Why Choose SpectraLINE V2?

  • 🛡️ 3-Year Warranty: Offers quality assurance and peace of mind for users.
  • 🌼 Adaptability: Perfectly suited for a wide range of plants, from seedlings to young shoots.
  • 📚 Support and Expert Advice: Access a vast library of informative content to maximize your growing experience.

The SpectraLINE V2 Horticultural Bar from GreenVisuaLED is much more than just a lighting device; it is a comprehensive solution for modern growers who prioritize performance, durability, and environmental sustainability.

Coverage and Installation 🛠:

  • Lighting Area: Perfect for surfaces of 110cm x 30cm, preventing plant stretching.
  • Optimal Distance: A distance of 20 to 30cm between the light and the plants is recommended for optimal growth.
  • Modularity: Possibility to connect multiple bars for extended coverage, with available linking cables.

Technical Specifications 🔧:

  • High-Efficiency SAMSUNG LEDs: A guarantee of quality and performance.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with an EU power cable and mounting kit.
  • Robust Design: Made of durable aluminum, designed to last.

Conclusion 🌺:

Choose the GreenVisuaLED Horticultural Bar 60cm to ensure vibrant and dynamic growth for your plants. With its exceptional performance and reduced environmental impact, it is the preferred choice for eco-friendly and prosperous indoor cultivation.

Enjoy several lengths

Our innovative series includes four unique models, offering unprecedented flexibility and complete customization of your growing environment. With our modular system, you can easily combine different sizes of SpectraLINE, such as pairing a 30 cm unit with a 120 cm unit, to create a custom lighting system that perfectly fits the space and specific needs of your plants.

Make the most of our advanced lighting solutions and provide your plants with optimal lighting for their growth and flowering. With SpectraLINE, efficiently and economically illuminate your indoor garden, while enjoying easy installation and seamless connectivity between units. Invest in quality and innovation for indoor gardening that exceeds all expectations.

A modular horticultural bar

It is possible to connect one SpectraLINE LED horticultural bar to another bar without any additional cables or products. You can plug one SpectraLINE into another SpectraLINE. We also offer separately for sale 40cm or 100cm connection cables to connect multiple shelves, for example.

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