100W LED horticultural lamp - GVL SPOT V4 - Lighting for green plants and plant walls

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The GVL SPOT 100 LED horticultural lighting system makes it possible to illuminate plants/plant walls in a very small footprint.

Very easy to install, this LED lighting for green walls and green plants provides intense and pleasant light thanks to 100 very high-efficiency Philips LEDs.

This LED lamp will ensure optimal growth of your plants and a pleasant visual rendering.

Water resistant (IP66) - 100W - Very thin - White horticultural light
Philips LEDs + MeanWell power supply - 3 year warranty!

SPOT 100W - White horticultural spectrum LED lamp

The GreenVisuaLED GVL SPOT 100W LED horticultural lamp is a novelty launched in 2020 . It produces white horticultural light which promotes growth and enhances all plants ( green plants, orchids, bonsai, carnivorous plants, etc. ). Its advantages are numerous: an exceptional lifespan and significant energy savings, among others.

The GVL SPOT 100W LED horticultural lamp: high performance lighting that lasts

While traditional halogen floodlights have a lifespan of approximately 1,500 hours, that of GreenVisuaLED horticultural lighting exceeds all records: 50,000 hours on average , or 33 times longer than halogen lighting ! It should be noted that beyond 50,000 hours of lighting, the performance of the lamp is reduced by only 30%.

A perfect lamp for lighting green walls

The GVL SPOT 100W simply illuminates a green wall

Without any contribution of natural light: maximum height of 200cm and a width of 120cm. This lamp must be placed 80cm from the green wall

With a contribution of natural light: maximum height of 280cm and a width of 150cm. This lamp must be placed 80cm from the green wall

If you want to light a terrarium or green plants, you can cover 180cm x 180cm to 120cm in height. Do not exceed 2m in height

Quality electronic components

The GVL SPOT 100W LED horticultural lamp is the result of the combination of very high efficiency LEDs, ensuring the growth and enhancement of your plants . Lights designed for green plants and plants, which produce white light and are suitable for multiple types of plants.

In addition, the components used to produce the GreenVisuaLED LED horticultural lamp prevent flickering of the light and therefore visual discomfort. A safe LED solution, equipped with protections and designed with solid and safe materials.

This lamp can be used outdoors or in very humid environments . Resistance IP65.

A white light with the benefits of light therapy

Health professionals have contributed to the design of this LED horticultural lighting, contributing their knowledge to add to the benefits of light on human beings. After extensive research, we have integrated several spectra of white, generally used in light therapy, into this horticultural lighting, to maximize the benefits of lighting on people. Note that the lighting does not emit any UV or infrared spectrum .

Premium warranty: new replacement for 3 years

Your GVL SPOT 100 LED horticultural lamp, ordered on the FloraLED website, automatically benefits from a PREMIUM guarantee, guaranteeing you the replacement of your lamp for a period of 3 years.

Placement led horticultural lamp for green plants

Size horticultural lighting led gvl spot 100
Category IP66 Waterproof Spotlights Brand GreenVisuaLED Condition New Reference GVL-SPOT-100-FIX-V4-230VAC
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