LED bulbs for plants - E27 - Gu10

Here are the different bulbs in the GreenVisuaLED range.

The 5/7W bulb in GU10 format is very easy to use and can illuminate a plant ( bonsai or green plant ) in order to provide the minimum amount of light to keep the plant alive and enhance it .

The 20W LED horticultural bulb will offer you a real solution for illuminating one or more plants . It produces light intense enough to grow plants and meters in value . It is available with a standard E27 base. Bulb to be placed between 20/60cm in height from the top of the plants. It is suitable for green plants, bonsai, orchids, carnivorous plants, cacti...

The 30W LED horticultural bulb is the solution for illuminating plants with very powerful light . It therefore allows you to light up and make your plants bloom without any problem. It is equipped with lenses to provide intense light at long distances. You can use it at a height of 20/100cm. It is suitable for green plants, bonsai, orchids, carnivorous plants, cacti, tomatoes, peppers...
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GU10 bulb for green plants, bonsais and plant frames

This GU10 LED horticultural bulb is perfect for illuminating a green plant, a bonsai, an orchid or a small plant frame. It is available in two powers. 5W bulb: distance 10/30cm 7W bulb: distance >30cm Warm horticultural white or neutral horticultural white version depending on the desired visual rendering.
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SpectraBULB X20 - white bulb for horticultural plants

The GreenVisuaLED X20 LED bulb is the new compact solution for illuminating a plant(s) with white horticultural light . It is equipped with a multitude of LEDs to evenly illuminate your plants, frames and plant walls . She is completely silent ! Horticultural light very close to daylight.
LED bulbs for plants - E27 - Gu10

SpectraBULB X20 - White horticultural bulb for green plants

Full spectrum: Light suitable for all phases of plant growth Versatile: Suitable for green plants, flowering plants, greenhouses and indoor gardens Energy saving: Low energy consumption for savings on your bills Compatibility: Works with standard E27 sockets Durability: Long life up to 35,000 hours Plant Health: Stimulates growth and flowering for...

Plug & Play cable for E27 horticultural bulb

This woven cable allows you to easily suspend a bulb above your plants. Available in 100cm and 300cm. Supplied with plug + cable + E27 socket
Accessories LED bulbs

Clamp with E27 and EU plug

This accessory and perfect for placing your horticultural LED bulb anywhere. The cable is about 150cm. The clamp can be fastened to a maximum support 55mm thick.The E27 can even rotate to light in the desired location.
Discover the perfect growing room for growing in a small space with a LED horticultural bulb.This HomeBOX Q30 Ambient culture box is of irreproachable quality. This miniature format allows you to place your box under a desk or in the corner of a closet.
Accessories LED bulbs

GU10 socket

This GU10 socket allows you to use a bulb with a GU10 base. All you have to do is connect the two cables to the 230Vac mains.
Accessories LED bulbs

Flush mount bracket for GU10 bulb

This gray support allows you to use our LED horticultural bulbs in GU10 format to embed it in the ceiling. Drilling diameter 70mm. Compatible with all our bulbs in GU10 format
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