Artificial light: The essential tool to keep your plants healthy in winter


The wintering of plants during the cold season:

wintering method

Overwintering is a method used to protect sensitive plants from low temperatures during the winter months. This technique aims to prepare the plants before the arrival of winter by protecting them from the bad climates of the season such as frost, wind and snow.
By winterizing your plants properly, you can help ensure their survival through the winter months and allow them to continue growing and flowering the following year.

Which plants are victims of the cold?

Plants that are most commonly overwintered are those that are native to warm or temperate climates, and are not adapted to harsh winters. Indoor plants like orchids, tropicals, and cacti, as well as outdoor plants like roses, shrubs, and fruit trees can all benefit from overwintering.

Protection methods in the winter garden:

There are several methods for overwintering plants, including bringing them inside the house or greenhouse, covering them with a wintering veil or canvas, mulching them with straw or dead leaves. .

When you overwinter a plant, you need to make sure it is healthy and free from any diseases or pest infestations. You also need to make sure the plant is well watered and the soil is well drained to prevent water accumulation, which could freeze and damage the roots.

What is the advantage of using lights for your plants during the winter period:

Using plant lighting during winter periods can have several advantages. During winter, days are shorter and sunlight is often less intense, which can affect plant growth and health.

The advantage of lighting them is to be able to introduce green plants indoors in rooms that are a little dark.

Another use for lamps is to be able to start seedlings indoors during the winter when the days are too short.

Horticulturists use them to be able to produce flowers in winter such as roses.

Agricultural research uses them to create artificial cycles independent of the seasons.

Scientific laboratories, horticultural companies and universities also use them in in-vitro reproduction to develop young plants in culture chambers.

What GreenVisuaLED offers for your plants in winter:

Greenvisualed offers white spectrum LED lighting to highlight different types of plants and help its indoor plants to develop such as: green plants, orchids, cacti, carnivores...

Bulbs, bars, spots from Greenvisualed:

Lampe horticole LED 10w-30w-50w-100w-200w :

spot greenvisualed  Lampe horticole LED 10w-30w-50w-100w-200w

There is a spectrum of light specially designed to promote plant growth, which is not only safe, but also resistant to humidity. Thanks to this technology, you can now place your ficuses, citrus trees, potted laurels and herbs safely in a garage or basement. These light spots can even be used for a green wall, their white light is pleasant for the plants.
In addition, these spotlights are guaranteed for 3 years and their electricity consumption is very low. Compared to traditional halogen spotlights, which have a service life of around 1500 hours, these spots have a long service life of around 50,000 hours, which is a great advantage.

Example: For a lighting system with the 10w spotlight, it illuminates an area of ​​50cm x 50cm at a distance of 40cm

lighting system with the 10w spot it can illuminate an area of ​​50cm x 50cm at a distance of 40 cm

White horticultural bulb:

-    Ampoule GUI10 5/7W :
-    GVL spectraBULB x20-x30 :

GVL spectraBULB x20-x30 Bulb GUI10 5/7W

Small LED bulb designed for small plants, it is a practical tool to illuminate your indoor plants such as bonsai, orchids and plant frames. It replaces natural sunlight and offers a powerful and easy-to-use solution. The white light emitted by this bulb is ideal for illuminating and highlighting your plants while brightening up your interior. The light emitted perfectly matches the natural light, allowing healthy and vigorous growth of your plants. This small LED bulb is a great solution for indoor plant enthusiasts who want to provide their plants with an optimal environment for their growth.

Ampoule GUI10 5/7W

LED horticultural bars:

-    spectraLINE 60cm 14W 
-    SpectraLINE 120cm 27W
-    SpectraLINE 30CM 7W
-    SpectraLINE 90CM 20W


-    SpectraLINE 30CM 10W IP65
-    SpectraLine 60CM 20W IP65
-    SpectraLine 90cm 30W IP65
-    SpectraLine 120cm 40W IP65

SpectraLINE IP65

The SpectraLine is ideal for humid environments and is ideal for small spaces, such as indoor shelves, for your tropical plants or green plants. Supplied with a hanging kit, it can be hung or fixed to the ceiling to showcase your plants thanks to its excellent color rendering. With this LED bar, your plants will benefit from the light they need to grow in the best possible conditions.

LED horticultural bars

Greenvisualed and their lighting:

Looking for practical ways to protect your plants from the cold and maximize their growth potential in winter? Overwintering can be the solution, and GreenVisuaLED offers specially designed LED lights to help your plants thrive. With their spotlights, bars and small LED bulbs, you can create an optimal environment for your tropical plants, orchids, cacti and green plants. Benefits of these lights include long life, low power consumption, moisture resistance and ideal white light for healthy and vigorous growth. Give your plants the attention they need during the winter months and ensure they continue to grow and bloom the following year with GreenVisuaLED.

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