LED downlight for plants

Classic spotlights

GreenVisuaLED - SPOT 7W for plant wall

This recessed 9W LED horticultural spotlight is a simple solution to use and very easy to install. Size: D90 H67mm Cut: diam70mm 60° angle Color temperature: 4000K
Classic spotlights

GreenVisuaLED SPOT 35 - 360° Recessed

The GVL SPOT 35 LED horticultural lighting is a high-performance, discreet and very easy-to-use product. It is recessed and can be tilted at 90° in order to illuminate a green wall or plants that are just below.
Classic spotlights

GVL SPOT 40W recessed - Recessed ceiling light for plant lighting

We have designed this system in order to offer you a built-in, aesthetic and efficient lighting solution. Very easy to install, this LED lighting for green walls provides light power thanks to two very high-efficiency LEDs. Of a very good quality of manufacture, modern and aesthetic, this lighting, by its low power consumption and its very long life, will...
Connected LED lighting - Use for walls and plant creations with smartphone application

SPOT Encastrable PILOTÉ - LED horticole pour éclairage de murs et surfaces végétalisés...

The Tuya WiFi recessed spotlight is a product designed to illuminate green surfaces and green walls . Available in 3 power options (12W, 35W, 50W) to suit different lighting needs . It can be controlled remotely via the Tuya smartphone app or using voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home. Thanks to its biorhythm function it can simulate natural...
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