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    Here are the different bulbs in the GreenVisuaLED range.

    The 5/7W bulb in GU10 format is very easy to use and can illuminate a plant ( bonsai or green plant ) in order to provide the minimum amount of light to keep the plant alive and enhance it .

    The 20W LED horticultural bulb will offer you a real solution for illuminating one or more plants . It produces light intense enough to grow plants and meters in value . It is available with a standard E27 base. Bulb to be placed between 20/60cm in height from the top of the plants. It is suitable for green plants, bonsai, orchids, carnivorous plants, cacti...

    The 30W LED horticultural bulb is the solution for illuminating plants with very powerful light . It therefore allows you to light up and make your plants bloom without any problem. It is equipped with lenses to provide intense light at long distances. You can use it at a height of 20/100cm. It is suitable for green plants, bonsai, orchids, carnivorous plants, cacti, tomatoes, peppers...
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    Optimal Light Spectrum

    Discover revolutionary lighting with our Optimal Light Spectrum, specially designed to accompany every stage of your plant's growth. From germination to flowering, this lamp provides customized lighting that stimulates plant health and vigor. Ideal for gardeners who want to provide their plants with a perfectly balanced light environment.

    High Performance LEDs Philips

    Our lamps are equipped with High Performance LEDs Philips, a guarantee of quality and efficiency. These renowned LEDs provide powerful and consistent lighting, ideal for plants while being energy efficient. Choose reliability and performance with Philips, a trusted brand for demanding gardeners looking for high-level equipment.

    Energy Saving

    Enjoy cutting-edge lighting technology that is environmentally friendly thanks to our low energy consumption. These lamps significantly reduce your carbon footprint while lowering your electricity bills. An ideal choice for environmentally conscious gardening enthusiasts looking to save energy.

    Durability and Long Lifespan

    Invest in durability with our LED lamps designed to last. With an impressive lifespan of nearly 50,000 hours, these lamps far surpass traditional lighting solutions. This means fewer replacements, more savings, and a sustainable commitment to your indoor growing spaces.

    Simple and Convenient Installation

    Installing our lamps is a breeze. Thanks to their Plug & Play design, you can easily and quickly set them up without any need for tools or special technical skills. It's the ideal solution for those who prioritize simplicity and efficiency in their indoor gardening.

    Energy Saving

    Your peace of mind is our priority. That's why we offer a 3-year warranty on our lamps, ensuring total peace of mind. This warranty underscores our commitment to the quality and reliability of our products, providing you with a secure and reliable shopping experience.

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  • Connected LED lighting...

    The GreenvisuaLED range of connected LED horticultural lighting is the latest innovation in lighting for ornamental indoor plants and green walls. Thanks to its connectivity, this range allows you to remotely control the lighting of your plants, thus guaranteeing optimal growth.

    GreenvisuaLED has designed this range to meet the specific needs of each type of plant by offering light spectra adapted to each stage of growth. This maximizes photosynthesis and stimulates plant growth while saving energy.

    Using the dedicated app, you can adjust the light settings according to your needs, such as light duration, light intensity and light spectra. The lights in the GreenvisuaLED connected range are also designed to be easy to install and use.
    In summary, the GreenvisuaLED range of connected LED horticultural lighting is the ideal solution for landscapers and interior designers.
    It offers optimal plant growth, energy saving and ease of use.

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