XModule V5 - 100W - 100CM - LED horticultural lighting for plant walls and horticultural surface

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Discover the latest high-efficiency horticultural LED bar from GreenVisuaLED . High-performance, aesthetic, polyvent, and top-of-the-range lighting will meet all your needs.

Its complete spectrum composed of three types of horticultural LEDs, will ensure constant growth and development of your plants and will ensure a natural visual rendering .

Available in 3 versions of 60, 100 and 120cm , it will suit all indoor or outdoor projects. Certified waterproof IP65 , it can be suspended or fixed to the ceiling directly.

Use: Green walls, green plants, cacti, carnivores, terrarium, etc...

XModule V5 - Latest generation LED horticultural lamp

Versatile LED horticultural lamp for optimal growth

The XModule V5 is the new generation of LED horticultural lamps, which combines versatility, performance and long life. This lamp uses three horticultural LED spectra to stimulate plant growth, while offering an incomparable visual rendering with vibrant colors.

EVG+ Spectrum - For optimal plant growth and enhancement

Designed specifically for plant lighting, the XModule V5 lamp makes up for the lack or total absence of natural light indoors or outdoors. It meets the requirements of professionals in the sector (landscapers, architects) and the expectations of passionate individuals. Available in sizes of 60cm, 100cm and 120cm, the XModule V5 is totally Plug & Play. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet to grow and show off your potted plants, orchids and other indoor plants.

Horticultural led spectrum for green plants orchid evg+ greenvisualed floraled

XModule LED horticultural lamp - Resistant to harsh environments

IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor use

The XModule LED horticultural lamp has an IP65 protection rating, guaranteeing total protection against dust and water splashes from all directions. It can therefore be used indoors and outdoors, as well as in a terrarium with misters, without any risk.

Silent and discreet LED horticultural lamp

Made with very high quality aluminum for optimal cooling of the OSRAM LEDs, the XModule LED horticultural lamp is totally silent and can be used in a living room, an office or even a bedroom.

XModule Lighting Attachment Methods

The new version of the XModule benefits from several solutions to allow you to place your lamp above the plants, in particular:

  • Suspension of the lighting with the supplied kit (3m)
  • Fixing the lighting to the ceiling with the kit provided
  • Fixing the lighting on a remote support (sold separately) to illuminate a green wall, for example.

led horticultural lamp for plants green walls

A well thought out design

The XMODULE V5 is a high quality LED horticultural lamp, consisting of three different horticultural LEDs for optimal plant growth. The components are of high quality to ensure a long lamp life, and there are no wearing parts. The lifespan of the LEDs is 50,000 hours, and the lamp is suitable for a variety of plants, such as green walls, aquaponics, orchids, green plants, etc.

horticultural lamp orchid carnivorous aquaponics hydroponics green plants

How to fix my XModule V5

Configuration installation horticultural lamp led aquaponics culture plant walls

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