XModule V5 - 80W - 60CM - LED horticultural lighting for plant walls and horticultural surface

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Discover the latest high-efficiency horticultural LED bar from GreenVisuaLED . High-performance, aesthetic, polyvent, and top-of-the-range lighting will meet all your needs.

Its complete spectrum composed of three types of horticultural LEDs, will ensure constant growth and development of your plants and will ensure a natural visual rendering .

Available in 3 versions of 60, 100 and 120cm , it will suit all indoor or outdoor projects. Certified waterproof IP65 , it can be suspended or fixed to the ceiling directly.

Use: Green walls, green plants, cacti, carnivores, terrarium, etc...

XModule V5 - Latest generation LED horticultural lamp

Here is the latest versatile, high-performance, easy-to-use LED horticultural lamp that has a very long lifespan . The new version of the XModule benefits from 3 spectra in order to promote the growth and flowering of plants while offering an incomparable visual rendering with brilliant colors.

Horticultural led spectrum for green plants orchid evg+ greenvisualed floraled

Specter EVG+ - Growth and enhancement of your plants

This lamp is designed specifically for lighting plants. It will make up for the lack or total absence of natural light indoors or outdoors.
It will meet the different requirements of professionals in the sector (landscapers, architects) and will also meet the expectations of passionate individuals.
Currently available in sizes of 60cm and 100cm and 120cm , the XModule is totally Plug & Play . Simply plug it into an electrical outlet to grow and showcase your plants.

Resistant to harsh environments

The new XModule LED horticultural lamp has an IP65 protection rating . It thus benefits from total protection against dust and is resistant to water spray from all directions.
It can therefore be used indoors and outdoors without any risk. You can also use it inside a terrarium with misters.

A silent and discreet LED horticultural lamp

This bar is made with very high quality aluminum to ensure optimal cooling of the OSRAM LEDs. So we don't need to use a fan to cool it down.
This LED horticultural lamp is therefore completely silent and can be used in a living room, in an office or even in a bedroom.

led horticultural lamp for plants green walls

Fixing methods for XModule lighting

The new version of the XModule benefits from several solutions to allow you to place your lamp above the plants.

This system is sold with a kit so that you can easily attach the XModule LED horticultural lamp to a ceiling or hang it . We sell a support kit separately to deport your lamp if you light a green wall for example.

Method 1 : Hanging the lighting with the supplied kit (3m). (Inclination of the lighting possible)
Method 2 : Fixing the light to the ceiling with the supplied kit. (Inclination of the lighting possible)
Method 3 : Attaching the Light to a Remote Mount (Sold Separately)

Spectrum quality

The XModule V5 Specter is the result of 8 years of constant improvement . We designed it with the best LEDs from the German manufacturer OSRAM .
The spectrum is made up of three different horticultural LEDs to ensure optimal plant growth and enhance them aesthetically.

Premium components for long life

The components are all selected with the greatest attention in order to offer you the best possible performance while ensuring unparalleled reliability .

This product has no wearing parts . The lifetime of the LEDs is 50,000H. After this period of use, it will still be sufficiently efficient because the light will have lost only 30% of its initial efficiency.

LED horticultural lamp suitable for plant walls, aquaponics, orchids, green plants etc...

horticultural lamp orchid carnivorous aquaponics hydroponics green plants

This new LED horticultural lamp is ultra versatile. It has been manufactured to meet the following requirements:

Easily illuminate a green wall

With the different methods of suspensions or fixings, you can place it in the desired place. The lenses that make up this LED horticultural lamp will allow you to illuminate up to 250cm in height ! The XModule has an advantage over other solutions. You will not have a point of light , all the plants will be lit in a homogeneous way. For a tailor-made quote based on your green wall, do not hesitate to contact us.

Advantages: Efficient product on the height, possible inclination, numerous fixing/suspension methods, enhancement of the green wall, homogeneous lighting, no maintenance...

Efficiently illuminate a vegetable garden in aquaponics

You can hang this lamp above your growing containers without risk thanks to the IP65 protection index which will allow you to grow your plants in complete safety. The horticultural spectrum is also a serious advantage as it will allow you to grow your plants from seed to harvest without switching lights!

Advantages: Easy to install, risk-free in humid environments, efficient for production, can illuminate plants and fish...

Lighting and showcasing orchids

The XModule horticultural lamp will allow you to highlight the flower stalks of your orchids then make them bloom and then take advantage of this abundant flowering by keeping the same lamp.

Advantages: Incredible enhancement of flowers, boosted production of floral stems, very simple to set up, delivered ready to be connected....

Simply illuminate plants in a building hall or in a living room

This lamp measures only 3cm thick by 7cm wide, so it offers the possibility of highlighting your plants with maximum discretion. The lamp can be hung above the plants. An extension cable is available to deport the system power supply.

Advantages: Very powerful lamp at long distance, fits into many decors, can be used in horticultural and ambient lighting, no maintenance to be carried out...

Lighting plants in a restaurant

If you want to light plants in a restaurant because they do not benefit from daylight or you want to grow plants indoors, the XModule LED horticultural lamp will be perfectly suited. It poses no risk to the eyes and will offer a very aesthetic color rendering. It can also allow you to grow your own aromatic herbs .

Advantages: Enhancement of plants, replaces natural lighting, offers a feeling of well-being, without risk to the public...

Configuration installation horticultural lamp led aquaponics culture plant walls

Questions about the XModule LED horticultural lamp

Is it possible to deport the power supply instead of leaving it on the system?

Yes, an XM power extension cable is available to move the power supply away from the lamp and make it much more unobtrusive.

Is this lamp dangerous for the eyes in a public space?

No. This lamp does not present any danger to the eyes. We do not use any harmful spectrum like UV or Infrared

Is it possible to use this lamp for flowering plants?

Yes. The XModule is dedicated to the lighting of green plants, flowers and fruits/vegetables. You can use this LED horticultural ramp for orchids and other flowering plants.

Is it possible to use this LED horticultural lamp in a growing space with very high humidity?

Yes. IP65 rating provides resistance to continuous water spray. So you can use this lighting in a very humid space.

Is it possible to tilt the lighting with the suspensions?

Yes. The suspension kit is designed to allow you to tilt the lamp towards a green wall for example. You can turn it about 60°.

What is the warranty on this product?

We offer a 3 year premium new replacement warranty. If there is a problem with the power supply or the system, you will receive a new part within 48 hours by Chronopost.

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