GU10 bulb for green plants, bonsais and plant frames

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This GU10 LED horticultural bulb is perfect for illuminating a green plant, a bonsai, an orchid or a small plant frame.

It is available in two powers.

5W bulb: distance 10/30cm

7W bulb: distance >30cm

Warm horticultural white or neutral horticultural white version depending on the desired visual rendering.

Puissance d'éclairage
Rendu lumineux

A small and efficient bulb!

LED horticultural lighting for vegetative enhancement and maintenance

This Gu10 LED bulb allows you to illuminate and replace the sun with a small solution (diam 50mm x 60mm), powerful and easy to use.

It is pleasant to brighten up your interior with one or more plants, but you still need to plan to add a light source, in order to keep these plants alive. The GU10 LED plant bulb is the simplest and least bulky solution in our range . If you want to grow your plants, we recommend lighting of at least 20W.

GU10 bulb for plants

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